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"The average person takes 28, 800 breaths a day, how many of those are we truly aware of?"

During a session, Frances will hold space for her client as they go through their journey of Transformational Breathwork. She will guide them through the breath and ensure that they feel safe throughout the entire process. In the beginning of session, Frances will get to know her client, explain to them how it works, what to expect and teach them the two-part breath. All levels are welcomed, as the time used for the active breath can be lengthened of shortened varying on her client's comfort level. Although beginners can do breathwork, it's suggested to begin with 20 minutes of active breath for their first time and gradually build that up in future sessions.

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- Combats disease
- Improves high performance
- Increases oxygenation throughout the body
- Speeds up the transformational journey
- Improves energy levels
- Stimulates circulation
- Resolves addictions
- Improves well-being for many conditions and ailments such as Stress Reduction, Respiratory ailments, Headaches, Low energy, Psychosomatic illnesses,
Anaerobic diseases, and many others.
- Balances the flow of energy through
the body



Frances had the honor to train with 500hr Marlize Joubert through three intensive modules of Transformative Breathwork training through Unplug Meditation in Santa Monica, CA. Through extensive training with fellow trainees and clients, she is confident she will guide you through a safe and positive breathwork experience.

Breathwork: Skills


In Transformative Breathwork you have a two-part mouth breath. The inhale is broken up in two parts, and the exhale in one. On the inhale you pull half a strong breath with a moderately fast pace into your lower abdomen, pause, then pull the second half of the inhale with the same pace and vigor into your upper chest, your heart chakra, then pause when completely full. Then exhale one continuous breath fast and strong till complete and pause. This you continue for about 20-30 minutes.

You are encouraged to have a stronger fuller breath rhythm for the first seven minutes of your session.

You do this to help your ego mind moves through any resistance it might have around surrendering control.

The last section of this process is a rest breath. You stop your conscious active and rhythmic breath, and surrender into a unconscious, uncontrolled, and natural breathing rhythm. The same as if you are about to fall asleep. Simply inhale and exhale through your nose, or mouth. At this moment, all you do is stay present within your heightened state experience. Simply watch, listen and feel each moment as if you are looking in from the outside. Sometimes most of the magic happens here. Your body rejuvenates, recalibrates, and heals deeply here.

Through Transformative Breathwork, it begins to push your subconscious energies, wounds and beliefs up to your conscious awareness, then out of your body for good. This speeds up your transformational journey, as you clear things faster from your subconscious, and literally speed up your life in many ways. The subconscious false beliefs you used to listen to unconsciously, become conscious. As you become aware of it, you are no longer controlled by it. While it clears, you also have an opportunity to create a new relationship with it and make new choices for yourself. Breath also gives life. It energizes and creates a lust for life.

Breath also cleanses your aura and cleanses stuck energy in your body. Breath revitalizes you. Breath calms you down as your mind calms down while your nervous system recalibrates. It is said that your “breath controls your mind.”

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